Design Flourish


Design Flourish


It means more than simply climbing a ladder of success, punching a clock, checking in and checking out.  It means going beyond the daily routine and experiencing a life that feels rich and full.  Teacher Training Certification at Rasa Yoga allows you to THRIVE in your teaching and your life!  


What is it you seek to create?  What drives you?  What is the desire in your heart that won’t be silenced?  Rasa Yoga Teacher Training Certification empowers your voice and fans the flame of your PASSION so that you can light the world around you.  


You’ve felt that feeling before…that there is a reason you are here.  Rasa Yoga Teacher Training Certification not only gives you the credentials to begin teaching Yoga, but gives you the insight into your unique gifts and how to share them.  Discover your PURPOSE!  

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Rasa Yoga Teacher Training

Training courses held online (limited time only) or at Rasa Yoga (17226 Mercury Suite 108, Houston, TX 77058

Required components:

  • One 7-Day TT200 Intensive
  • 4-7 Weekend Workshops, as assigned by TT200 Program Director based on your experience level and goals
  • Homework may be required

In Person Training Dates

Rasa Yoga TT200 Intensive:

July 5-11, 2020

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Rasa Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Registered school.  

Rasa Yoga exists to actively participate in creating peace on our planet by joining with others to grow an all-inclusive yoga study community, promoting total physical, mental, spiritual health and well being.

Rasa Yoga is a branch of the Visible Belief Education Foundation, a 501c3 FOR PURPOSE organization.  Our mission is to to provide the environment, community, education, training and inspiration for individuals to have tangible, transformative and qualitative results in their physical, mental and spiritual health so that they may live a quality of life that is sustainable for themselves, their families and communities.

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