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Master's Path Testimonials

"Why have I chosen to travel the Master's Path? I've asked myself this question a lot lately. It sure isn't because it is easy!! But, the more I learn and am exposed to, the stronger my belief becomes that I, myself, am capable of MORE. That there is MORE to the life we live, the mind we use, the body we inhabit, the experience we share; that through my own development, I can impact the lives of others in ways I cannot yet comprehend. The path of the master for me is first one inward, then outward. In short, the path of the master is one of service. This process has given me insights into myself, challenged my thinking, increased my creativity and forced me to reflect on what I truly want from life. As a result, I am finding more strength and focus in my daily routines, freedom from beliefs that never served me in the first place and an overwhelming enthusiasm to share the journey with others."

~ EA

"After giving some thought - had to go back to 6 years ago and remember where I was at at that time. YUK! No direction, very little spirituality and experiencing all the symptoms of avidya. And at the time not having a clue as to what that was. Lack of knowledge. I knew that for sure. My ego was running wild (and still is to some degree). I had become cynical - life was without joy or purpose. Through Yoga Rasa, (Tracie) and all the other yoginis I have met - I now have a life with purpose, meaning. I've learned to love myself which has not been easy as I have been very hard on myself and through the teachings and my kicking and screaming - I am on the path. There's no turning back. I am grateful to Yoga Rasa and for Tracie continuing to say to me she wasn't going anywhere. That has kept me going even though I fall many times. I pick myself up and keep going - Today is a new day and that has changed - I used to look at a new day as something I had to "get thru." Today I am happy to be alive!" ~ KW

"My yoga path has taken me on an amazing journey of finding out who I am and what my capabilities are body, mind and spirit. I have just begun to grown to my full potential as an enlightened being." ~ CC

"For me, the timing of taking the path of teacher training came at the saddest time in my life. I had experienced great loss and was moving through life in an utter cloud. I was surviving, but I knew in my heart that there had to be more than that. When Tracie first approached me about teacher training I thought there was no way I could possibly fit anything else into my busy schedule and I wasn't sure I wanted to commit myself to something that would take up so much of my time and energy. But after discussing it further with her, and really thinking about what it could mean I decided to take the harder path and open myself up to what I presumed would move me into the direction I wanted. A life filled with knowledge, peace, tranquility and light. I was living in darkness and if I stayed in the life I was in, that was not going to change. I did not enter the program expecting to teach right away, or even knowing if I would ever teach. I just wanted to learn more so that my life could become something other then what it was. What the master path immediately opens you up to, is a vast community of support and access to knowledge, and this was what I felt first and foremost when I started, an immediate influx of workshops and gatherings that pulled me into this momentum of moving on a path forward in my journey instead of sitting stuck in a rut as I had been doing in my life. It was very exciting and scary all at the same time! I was and still am learning how to learn again through the program, having not been a student in a very long time. I am gaining valuable insight in myself, my relationships and yoga in practice and pyschology. I was fortunate to begin teaching fairly quickly and have seen so many benefits from this, it is hard to list them here. So many of the theories can be put to practice as you teach on a practical level, but even more so, you are able to really evaluate yourself and your life through your teaching. It gives you a perfect opportunity to look at as much as your willing to see and from their continue your yoga practice even more. Teacher training has opened me up to the possibilities around me, that my thinking was so limited and my vision was so small, and I know that I have only begun to scratch the surface. I am finding my true self once again, through a long process that takes a lot of self examination and honesty but doing it with a community who supports me and is doing the same right along side me." ~ AB

"As someone who just re-located to this country, I chose to become involved in the Master's Path to make better use of my time here and to gain a better knowledge of yoga in order for me to practice it in my daily life, and to eventually make it a way of life. So far, I have realized that yoga isn't really about the end goal, there's more focus on the process or the path towards the objective. To quote Paulo Coelho, When you travel towards your objective, be sure to pay attention to the path. The path teaches us the best way to arrive. Each workshop, each class, each new asana that I am currently learning, I am able to slowly further realize the importance of yoga. And with the help of the warm and supportive Yoga Rasa community, discovering and learning has become really enjoyable and fun." ~ JL

"While over the years Yoga Rasa was a place I could go to and hide from the "world out there," enrolling in Teacher Training makes it nearly impossible to hide from myself. Although I attended other Yoga studios before calling Yoga Rasa my studio home, I do not distinctly remember choosing to go there. Therefore, I think that it was both chosen for me, as well as a returning to me." ~ RB

"The teacher training program at Yoga Rasa has had a profound effect on me. For most of my life, I had the erroneous perception that self-degradation was humility. I had an internal monologue going constantly about how I hated my wavy hair and fat belly, my hips were too high, I was stupid, and on and on it would go. Through Tracie's teachings, I came to understand that I am made in God's image: I am beautiful, powerful, and wise. Claiming that for myself through grace, is humility and the highest form of worship. Committing myself to the path of self-awareness, to develop to my fullest potential, is my highest service to others and my deepest devotion to God. I am so thankful for Tracie's vision for this community, for her support, and for all the teachers at Yoga Rasa who continue to lead the way in showing me what is possible." ~ DG

"My purpose for doing yoga has changed since I first started. At first I was here for the physical part and found out through continuing to show up - I received mental and spiritual fulfillment as well as a community of like persons." ~ KW

"What an awesome faculty, you are yoga, you live yoga and I could not imagine a more comprehensive program! Thank you so much for what I have learned...for what I have received, my mind, body and spirit I have no words."

"Teacher training has allowed me to relate to the world in a more peaceful way."

"I love the flexibility and availability of your teacher training/continuing studies. It works with my schedule and I enjoy the teachers so much."

"I wanted to become a better student, Tracie convinced me that learning to teach others would enhance my personal practice and it's TRUE, my practice has excelled!"

"I feel Tracie is an individual who empowers people. I strive to be more like that."

"I never thought I could be a yoga teacher, but I have learned that to teach is to truly understand."

"I wanted to thank you and let you know that this past weekend was all I could have wished for. You do have a gift for teaching. The class was painless, fun, and full of new concepts to think about. Actually, you could say the class was a meditation in itself."

"I honor your energy and spirit that allows you to operate at such a high level in order to do all that you do. Thank you for having this series of workshops and your incredibly high-level teacher training program."

"I love you and your center and all you stand for."

"I am excited the universe provided this experience and am fortunate to be sharing it with such a great group."

"Thank you Tracie for all that you have done and all that you are doing to make this all possible. It's quite an undertaking and I feel like I'm starting at the preschool level, but heck, Rome wasn't built in a day, was it? I'm enjoying the process and the challenge."

"I realize that I have been given an opportunity that will totally change my yoga experience. Thank you again for giving us this opportunity and even though the muscles between my shoulderblades are still sore I will be at the next workshop with bells on."

"I have been thinking about this for a while. I just want to express my gratitude for the confidence and support you have shown me. While I know that the confidence and security ultimately come from within, it helps to have someone give you that push knowing you are ready, when you don't really think you are. I feel truly blessed to have you as a teacher and an example to follow in my teaching."

"I am overwhelmed with thanks and appreciation."

Yoga Therapy Testimonials

"The personalized, focused attention on my own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual matters that I receive from my teacher, Tracie Brace, in private lessons has accelerated my growth in incredible ways. Her straightforward, honest, God-lead prodding has helped my practice continue progressing. I believe only by disturbing my thoughts and thought patterns, as only a private teacher can, has kept my practice and awareness moving forward and breaking past many obstacles. Thank you, Tracie." ~ GW

"I am a 58-year-old woman who has taken private classes with Tracie. As a busy professional and mother, I have found the private classes to be perfect for me, as I have been able to proceed at my own pace in my study of yoga and to advance at a much faster pace than I would have in group classes only. The flexibility in scheduling has also been a factor in my ability and desire to continue in yoga. Another important advantage to private classes is that the private teacher is able to focus on the specific areas in which the student needs practice and can at the same time constantly point out improvement, which is very encouraging to the student. And finally, as a private student, I have benefitted from my teacher's ability to customize my practice to my individual needs. This is especially important for students with physical limitations of any kind and has been very helpful to me, an older student with osteoarthritis. All in all, the private student working with Tracie will find that these sessions offer an excellent return on the investment of time and money." ~ MP

"Private lessons were new to me, never have I taken this type of approach to learning. I am incredibly impressed with the quality and relevant information that you share and teach about asanas and personal guidance. You have been a big help with clear and specific guidelines to work with after a session. I'm glad that I decided to take private lessons and will be happier whenever I can continue. I think the world of you and respect all that you do." ~ JB

"Tracie, thank you so much for all that you have done. Your yoga teachings have given me a new appreciation for the health of my body. My back injury left me to believe that my life was changed forever and that I would never again have an active lifestyle. Your calm, patient, and encouraging instruction fostered a healing environment. In addition, your careful attention to detail during the poses assured me that I was learning yoga in a safe manner. Thanks to you I feel I have a strong yoga foundation that would have taken years of practice to acquire. Most important I have learned that the Yoga teachings don't end when I leave the studio they now are incorporated into my daily life. My back is now healing and the strenth, balance and fluidity that I now have benefits me everyday. Thank you for enhancing my life in such a profound and healthy way." ~ KB

"Working with Tracie privately creates profound changes in my life and in the way I think. Tracie's approach is supportive and cooperative and the personal focus allows me to develop at a rate much more quickly than can occur in a group setting." ~ LA

Yoga Class Testimonials

"The Yoga Fundamentals Class, taught by Angela on Wednesday evenings, has been extremely valuable to me in my pursuit to both learn and benefit from Yoga. The theory she teaches as well as the focus on proper technique has been of immeasurable benefit to me. Knowing how to properly perform a stance and why it is performed that way highlights the value of Yoga and the positive effects that it has on both your body and mind. The hour I spend in class with Angela has been well worth the time." ~ VAA

"I just had to send you a note on how awesome Stef was today! She was so good. It was as if she'd been teaching much longer. She was prepared yet she did not come across rehearsed or like it was memorized. I can't wait until next Friday." ~ RF

"Yoga Rhythms is one of those classes that has influenced my drumming skills, as well as my body and mind. There's something about getting into the zone of drumming that takes away your stress and opens you up to new ideas. I love it! The first couple classes, I was worried about my lack of skills or doing the wrong thing. I realize now how silly that was. The class is much more about being yourself and playing the music that comes to you than showing off your skills. You will develop some skills along the way, but that is not the only intent. The class is relaxing and comfortable. It has allowed me to express myself in a way that daily life and conversations cannot. It's such a stress relievier too. I've now started planning my Wednesday's around the 5pm class! Paul is a great teacher as well. He makes sure that all the students are comfortable and will let you express yourself in the way you see fit. You'll get to hear lots of his funny stories too! Make sure you check out the Yoga Rhythms class. You really won't regret it." ~ LB

"Yoga Rhythms is more than a drumming class. It's fellowship, therapy and yoga psychology. At first the class was just plain fun! Over time, I've noticed other benefits... I use drumming at home as a form of meditation, I'm becoming a better listener, and am learning to not be afraid to experience emotions like anger and grief. And yes, it is FUN! You don't have to be good at drumming or know anything at all about music. I love the group interaction -- how we relate and communicate with each other without words. I highly recommend this class to everyone!" ~ RF

"Thank you so much for inviting me to your Gentle Flow yoga class. I enjoyed it. You're doing some great things out there in Pasadena. I love your studio. It's absolutely beautiful."

"Well, thanks again. I so appreciate and applaud you doing your part to grow the yoga community. Big Hug."

"I started an intermediate yoga class last night. I thought that since I've been away from practicing for about a year, that's where I should start. While I enjoyed the class, it certainly made me homesick for your teaching. The class was pretty simple and there really was no instruction on alignment, breathing, or core strenghtening. There was lots of chanting, lots and lots of talking and funnily enough, everyone applauds after each asana. I found it limiting, and a little weird. Anyway, I guess I'll eventually find a studio or maybe private teacher for my practice, but I wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate everything you taught me. You are a marvel."

Being Yoga Testimonials

"Being Yoga is an amazingly illuminating class. My husband, my daughter and I have, through Tracie's infinite wisdom and teaching, gained abundant insight to our personal and spiritual selves, which in turn has transformed our way of thinking and living. Tracie is such a gifted and compassionate teacher and we eagerly look forward to each and every Being Yoga class with her." ~ AS

"I have learned many lessons attending Being Yoga class and I have found these lessons to be priceless. I came into yoga highly stressed due to daily work and home drama. I learned much of this was self-made. With a continued yoga practice plus Being Yoga (what I call the mat meets the mind, physical exercises meets mental exercises) I have noticed the changes in my life. I am not angry all day long when something in my day goes haywire. I am not replaying the bad situation which happened during the day, over and over in my mind, which would feed my angry emotions over and over again. I have learned to become aware when negative thoughts pop up in my mind and how to control what I do with these negative thoughts with the teachings of Being Yoga. With these lessons I have been able to create a more calm and peaceful work and home life. The stress is still there, but the difference is I have changed my perspective of how I look at the stressors. The results of these daily practices have made me a much happier and peaceful person. Being Yoga has given me the confidence to believe and see that I can live the life I really want to live. Being Yoga continues to clear up my confusion whenever something has not made sense. I cannot recall how many times I have sat in class and thought the teacher must be talking about me, how could she possibly know what is going on in my life. The teachers have shared many of their experiences which taught me that we all have similar stories and fears when we begin this journey. I would like to give love and thanks to Tracie, Liz, Ande and Denise for all they give of themselves to the students of Being Yoga, especially me." ~ PD

"Without you many of us would not even know what Yoga is! Thank you for trying to fulfill your Dharma everyday. I say this with the deepest appreciation for everything YOU do for US. Every Monday I leave Being Yoga feeling so enriched and excited about life!"

"Being Yoga is a bridge from the studio into the world. By spending time with others who share a similar vision I have grown and expanded. Being a part of the Being Yoga community will change the way you relate to yourself and to others. It's awesome! (That just about says it all!!!)" ~ DN

"I really enjoy going to Being Yoga classes. It is great to be able to expand my knowledge around the asanas and around yoga philosophy. It allows me to be able to live my yoga every moment of my life. I've always been interested in the philosophical aspects of yoga and I am blessed to have such a loving community to share and grow with. Going to class feels more like going to a family reunion, where we can share our thoughts and feelings and express our true selves." ~ AM

"Being Yoga has helped me in so many ways. I've learned so much about yoga philosophy and eastern teachings. I can see changes in my thinking." ~ DJ

"Being Yoga is my opportunity to be with a community of like-minded people on a regular basis, exploring what it means to be a yogi. Being Yoga has been the greatest means, besides private lessons, of expanding my awareness and understanding of the practice and application of yoga in my life. It has empowered me to take my life in the direction I want to go and know my priorities. I can't imagine Mondays and Saturdays without my Being Yoga friends!" ~ AM

"Being Yoga serves as an effective bridge for me between theory and personal application. Through participating in Being Yoga since its inception, I have evolved from student into teacher, gaining the wisdom of yoga and learning to share it. Now that I assist in teaching Being Yoga an entirely new transformation is taking place, the depth of which continues to unfold for me." ~ LA

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