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Teacher Training

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Teacher Training

You can feel confident in your training at Rasa School of Yoga and Ayurveda. We will guide you down your path of empowerment, seeking total health and well being.

Study more in-depth to:
~ Discover the Science, Art, and Philosophy of Yoga
~ Move toward mastery of yoga postures
~ Transform your body
~ Experience improved quality of life and reduced stress
~ Increase clarity of mind and creativity

Looking for tangible results? 
Download our Student Handbook to discover the benefits of yoga and how to realize them in your own life.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose at Rasa Yoga is to set and deliver the highest standards of yoga education.

Rasa Yoga, a Yoga Alliance Registered School, offers a wonderful Yoga Study Community wherein you may pursue in-depth yoga studies; receive Yoga Teacher Certification and/or Yoga Therapist Training and Certification

The Benefits Of Yoga Lifestyle

Imagine the feeling of freedom you would experience with a healthy body, knowing that you have mastery over your inner landscape and that you have the power to cultivate peace in any situation. These are only a few of the benefits that a yoga lifestyle can offer. Rasa Yoga offers many ways to study and practice in addition to general classes, through our paths of the Warrior, Scholar, and Sage. There is a path to wholeness for you!

Learn more in our Curriculum Manual.

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What members of the Rasa Yoga Study Community have to say:

"Being Yoga is a bridge from the studio into the world. By spending time with others who share a similar vision I have grown and expanded. Being a part of the Being Yoga community will change the way you relate to yourself and to others.
It's awesome! (That just about says it all!!!)" ~ Denise N.

"Being Yoga empowers me to understand and love myself more which helps me to love others. The friendships made during the Being Yoga meetings are invaluable to me and a constant source of support, joy, and laughter. Tracie and Liz’s teachings help me to continuously learn profound lessons without taking everything so seriously. It is amazing how much you learn in such a short time and how quickly you can apply the new knowledge to your Yoga practice and daily life. I recommend Being Yoga to anyone and promise it will change your life." ~ Amy P.

"I really enjoy going to Being Yoga classes. It is great to be able to expand my knowledge around the asanas and around yoga philosophy. It allows me to be able to live my yoga every moment of my life. I’ve always been interested in the philosophical aspects of yoga and I am blessed to have such a loving community to share and grow with. Going to class feels more like going to a family reunion, where we can share our thoughts and feelings and express our true selves." ~ April M.

"My purpose for doing yoga has changed since I first started. At first I was here for the physical part and found out through continuing to show up - I received mental and spiritual fulfillment as well as a community of like persons." ~ Kay W.

"Being Yoga has helped me in so many ways. I've learned so much about yoga philosophy and eastern teachings. I can see changes in my thinking." ~ Dana J.

"Being Yoga is my opportunity to be with a community of like-minded people on a regular basis, exploring what it means to be a yogi. Being Yoga has been the greatest means, besides private lessons, of expanding my awareness and understanding of the practice and application of yoga in my life. It has empowered me to take my life in the direction I want to go and know my priorities. I can't imagine Mondays and Saturdays without my Being Yoga friends!" ~ Ashley M.

"Without you many of us would not even know what Yoga is! Thank you for trying to fulfill your Dharma everyday. I say this with the deepest appreciation for everything YOU do for US. Every Monday I leave Being Yoga feeling so enriched and excited about life!"

"What an awesome faculty, you are yoga, you live yoga and I could not imagine a more comprehensive program! Thank you so much for what I have learned...for what I have received, my mind, body and spirit I have no words."

"Teacher training has allowed me to relate to the world in a more peaceful way."

"I love the flexibility and availability of your teacher training/continuing studies. It works with my schedule and I enjoy the teachers so much."

"I wanted to become a better student, Tracie convinced me that learning to teach others would enhance my personal practice and it's TRUE, my practice has excelled!"

"I feel Tracie is an individual who empowers people. I strive to be more like that."

"I never thought I could be a yoga teacher, but I have learned that to teach is to truly understand."