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Yoga Teacher Bios

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Tracie Brace Hatton (Padma Shakti)

Founder, Director of Yoga Studies

Padma Shakti is Founder and Director of Rasa Yoga School of Ayurveda Yoga and the Bay Area Yoga Collective. Padma holds a firm commitment that Yoga and Ayurveda are on the cutting edge for success and leadership development. Through her ability to effectively assimilate and disseminate the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda she enables people to craft a life beyond just getting by, to live a full life thriving and healthy toward the absolute highest quality possible. Padma Shakti is committed to the power of community and seeks to demonstrate that through functional relationships, you strengthen and empower not only yourself, but the whole of humanity. Her ability and clarity to empower others is made possible by her study, training and love of these great beings: Dr. David Hoch, Lex Gillian, Reverend Karen Tudor, Sandra Summerfield-Kozak of International Yoga Studies, Rodney Yee, Shiva Rea, Dr. David Frawley, Dr. Stephen Phillips and Swami Atma. There are many other masters and teachers to pay homage to as well whether by lineage living now or before. Her current studies and training are influenced mostly by Master Jason Campbell and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait.

Gracie Alcocer (Gayatri Asita)

Assistant Director of Yoga Studies

Gracie "discovered" yoga while searching for healing and inner peace. Not long after the beginning of her yoga studies, she experienced the benefits and joys of practicing yoga throughout a pregnancy. This inspired her to begin teaching Pre-Natal Yoga classes in order to share her experience with others. Learning the value of present moment consciousness, a yogic way of being, has Gracie living a more rich and meaningful life. It is her transformational and healing experiences within her yoga studies that motivate her to teach and share with others. She has been studying with Tracie Brace Hatton at Yoga Rasa since Spring 2005. Her teaching experience includes teaching yoga in Spanish, Pre-Natal, Fundamental and Advanced yoga classes. She is currently studying Ayurveda in depth with Dr. David Frawley.


Denise Ngo (Padmasri Durga)

Denise is passionate about creating harmony in the world through inspiring transformation of self and others. She began practicing yoga in 2006 and as a classically trained musician immediately saw many parallels between the art, sciencies and philosophies of both yoga and music. She has been teaching weekly classes at Rasa Yoga since 2008 and is currently working toward her E-RYT 200 certification. Denise extends deep gratitude and love to her teacher Padma Shakti (Tracie Brace Hatton) for the guidance and teachings she has received. She has also taken workshops and trained with Mahadevi (Sandra Summerfield Kozak), and Swami-ji Dr. Stephen Phillips and also acknowledges the profound influence Dr. Paul Hatton has had in her journey. Denise also enjoys sharing music with children as an elementary music teacher and practicing, performing and spending time with her husband, David.

"Only if we are still enough inside, can we become aware that there is a hidden harmony here...a sacredness." ~ Eckhart Tolle


Ande Smith (Sridevi Praneeth)

With sincere appreciation and gratitude, Ande thanks all of her teachers and students for the opportunity to grow and to share her love through Yoga. She began studying & practicing Yoga at Rasa Yoga with Tracie and Liz and the other Gurus-in-Training in 2006 and is currently working on completing her 500 hour teacher certification. When not teaching & working at the studio, Ande co-manages the Living Materials Center, a lending-library of animals, working with elementary and intermediate school students and over 50 species of animals. While at the LMC, she practices Tortoise, Pigeon, Rabbit and other animal-inspired Yoga poses. Ande enjoys spending time in nature with her husband Chris.


Heather Badger (Harena Ekabhakti)

Heather discovered the healing aspects of yoga in 2011 while recovering from a running injury. When she discovered Rasa Yoga she immediately felt the life changing benefits from the classes and community. Inspired to share these lessons with others, Heather is currently earning her 300 and 500 hour certification. As an ambassador in the beauty industry, Heather has a deep understanding of the role beauty plays in our lives. She strives for each of her students to embrace their external beauty, and also the beauty within every moment, every person and the planet. Heather has studied with master teachers Tracie Brace Hatton (Padma Shakti), Liz Antognoli, Gracie Alcocer, Ande Smith, and Denise Ngo. She is grateful to all her teachers at Rasa Yoga for their continued guidance and support.


Rhon Barras (Radha Bhava)

Rhon earned her 250-hour Yoga Teacher Certification in 2010 and has taught Yoga to both adults and children since 2007. She is also a kindergarten teacher and enjoys practicing Yoga with the students in her class. Rhon seeks to share Yoga with others because she credits Yoga with helping her through many of life's challenges. She has lived and worked internationally as a teacher and researcher and enjoys learning languages, traveling, and listening to world music.


Phil Curell (Ojas Jagrav)

Phil grew up immersed in Eastern philosophies and arts as a student and teacher at his mother's Tae Kwon Do and yoga school in Michigan. After being reintroduced to yoga in 2010, Phil initiated more in-depth yoga studies the next year when he enrolled in Yoga Rasa's Master's Path program. Through these studies, Phil is learning the importance of the "journey" and "living in the moment." His NASA management job continues to provide a great test bed for applying what yoga has taught him, especially in leadership development and releasing the need to control. In his Foundation-level classes, Phil seeks to serve through sharing his passion for yoga. He specializes in teaching that strength doesn't come from muscling through to get the pose "right," but rather through listening to your body, breath and inner guidance.


Virginia Bassinger (Shambhavi Lassya)

Virginia came to Rasa Yoga in Spring 2012 looking for better health and soon realized there was much more to be gained. When a surgery made the physical aspects of yoga difficult, she recognized the amazing healing power of meditation and guided imagery practices first hand. She is currently a student in the 300 hour teacher training program and teaches Meditation. She offers humble thanks to all of her teachers and fellow students for their support and love that have allowed her to do things she never thought possible.


Ronnie Milton

Ronnie started his martial arts career in 1999 in San Francisco with West Wind Kung fu. One year later he started traditional Wushu Kung fu, Baguazhang & Yang style tai chi chaun under the tutelage of Grandmaster Maing Yul Jung. After 2 years of training 6 days a week, Ronnie gained his first degree black belt. That year he also placed 2nd in overall forms in the wushu federation incorporated tournament. In 2003 Ronnie achieved his 2nd degree black belt, & placed 1st in overall forms at the Wushu kung fu federation inc. tournament. He also placed 2nd in Sanda full contact fighting. In 2004 Ronnie started training the yoga art of dahnhak under the tutelage of Master Ha Young-Kim. One year later he became an instructor, & then later that year became a Sabu-nim. In 2007 he began his training in Chen style tai chi with Dr. Xu from the lineage of Chen Zhao Kuai. He continues his Chen style tai chi training with Dr. Xu & his senior student Professor Marafa Enzor.


Randall and Kristin Brooks

Department of Sanskrit, Mantra & Ancient Mythology
Rasa Yoga School of Yoga and Ayurveda

Beginning with their initiation into the path of Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound) in 1995, Randall and Kristin Brooks have devoted their entire lives to the study, integration, and teaching of yoga as it relates to the expression of human potential. Scholars in the areas of mythology, comparative religion, yoga psychology and philosophy, as well as ancient languages & their sacred texts (including Greek, Hebrew, & Sanskrit), Randall and Kristin are exceptionally proficient in connecting and articulating the complex patterns humans share along life’s journey.

With the intention of awakening and expressing the highest version of themselves and inspiring others to do the same, Randall and Kristin use sacred music, mantra, and myth to seamlessly weave the ancient teachings and traditions of yoga into a practical and sustainable lifestyle for today’s modern yogi. Their passion is to help others unveil and demystify the magnificent, poetic dance between their humanity and their divinity. They encourage others to break away from the mundane and devote themselves to discovering the Truth of who they are in order to consciously and joyously express this dance. Ultimately, Randall and Kristin aim to use their “colorful” life experience as a platform to educate, inspire, and empower others to wake up, rise above self-defeating patterns, fully embody the magic of life, and express their highest potential.

Named one of Origin Magazine’s Inspiring Community Leaders of the New Millennia   and one of its Favorite Couples Working Together to Shift the Planet, Randall and Kristin passionately believe it is every human’s responsibility to use their TAGs (talents, abilities, and gifts) to serve and uplift humanity. Therefore, they provide opportunities for children of all ages to do just that through their Peace Love OM Project, a program under their Conscious Living Empowerment Foundation (CLEF) 501(c)3. CLEF provides Art, Music, and Humanities programs that encourage people to find a deeper connection to themselves and each other by accessing and utilizing the power of creative expression.

Currently, Randall and Kristin travel the world with their beloved children, sharing the path of what they have termed Nada Bhakti Yoga (The Yoga of Sacred Sound and Conscious Devotion), as well as their inspirational, healing mantra music as Bhakti House Band.