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April 29-May 2– “DIVINE FEMININE”


Healing Immersions are mini-residential retreats designed to facilitate deeper commitment to practice, healing of emotional and physical wounds, breaking cycles of non beneficial habits, behaviors and attitudes, enabling expanded courage, strengthen tenacity and inspiration. You will be following in the path of many yogis before and a tradition that has been strong for thousands of years. Spending time with an authentic yoga teacher like Padma Shakti in this way will create a greater degree for support for transmission of the teachings and alignment for your particular life purpose.

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July Intensive Retreats
Dates Subject to Revision

July 12- August 1 21 Day Total Immersion 
July 13-24 Smarana 
July 24-26 Rasa Radiance 
July 26-31 Rasa Vidya 
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Awakening the Heart: Tuscany


September 17-26, 2021

Join Padma Shakti on a journey to reawaken your love of life together with the integration of the four aims of life, we will create an experience of celebration, reflection and transformation with the intention of awakening the physical, emotional and spiritual heart! We will enjoy the beauty of Tuscany along with the profoundly experiential process of mindfulness while we integrate practice, prayer and play!

Find out more in the Eat. Pray. Yoga Brochure

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India – Journey of Healing: A Pilgrimage to South India

December-January 2021-22

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