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30 Days Of Yoga for $30

Design Flourish

30 Days Of Yoga For $30

We invite all new Rasa Yoga members to try our school of yoga for 30 days for a special new yogi price of only $30. Get access to all our classes and find your place here.  This is the best starter special for new students. The cost is affordable and it allows you the explore all the classes that interest you at your own pace.

Offer Expires Jan 31, 2020

This 30 days membership gives you access to all the core yoga classes listed below.

Yoga Flow Fundamentals, Yoga Fundamentals 1&2 Instructional, Yoga Fundamentals Plus Focus, Yoga Foundation, Yoga For Kids, Mindful Flow, Vira Rasa Flow, Jai Yoga, Yoga Stability, Shanti Rasa  Flow, Prenatal, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Yoga rhythms, Tai Chi, and Zumba!

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Look At What People Are Saying About Rasa Yoga Class

“The Yoga Fundamentals Class, taught by Angela on Wednesday evenings, has been extremely valuable to me in my pursuit to both learn and benefit from Yoga. The theory she teaches as well as the focus on proper technique has been of immeasurable benefit to me. Knowing how to properly perform a stance and why it is performed that way highlights the value of Yoga and the positive effects that it has on both your body and mind. The hour I spend in class with Angela has been well worth the time.” VAA
“Yoga Rhythms is more than a drumming class. It’s fellowship, therapy and yoga psychology. At first the class was just plain fun! Over time, I’ve noticed other benefits… I use drumming at home as a form of meditation, I’m becoming a better listener, and am learning to not be afraid to experience emotions like anger and grief. And yes, it is FUN! You don’t have to be good at drumming or know anything at all about music. I love the group interaction — how we relate and communicate with each other without words. I highly recommend this class to everyone!”RF
“Well, thanks again. I so appreciate and applaud you doing your part to grow the yoga community. Big Hug.”

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