Padma Peace – Mom IS Always Right!

Mom IS Always Right!

A Tribute to the Beloved Mother.
From this day forward, my Mom’s birthday will always be the kick off to her legacy, my eldest granddaughter, Skylor Hoyler’s birth week! Today I sadly AND joyfully celebrate the life of a great woman.

Lessons from Mother (Mom really is always right)

Barbara Sue “Budgie” My Mother

My Mom was a living embodiment of ethical living…she didn’t have to TRY to be nice, kind or compassionate. She didn’t have to TRY to know God or the Life beyond this one. She just had an insight to real Truth, Love and Wisdom. She gave her life to her family and friends. She was a wife to my Dad who loved her dearly.  She knew the depth of love he held for her.

Two of the most important events in our lives are our birth and our death mostly because they bookend this mystery called life. I call it a mystery and I have REALLY thought of it that way until now.

A real mystery…I mean my logical mind gets it, but my heart is a different story. My heart has had a very difficult time understanding.

It is in this mystery and not understanding that I realized I was mad, very mad. I also realized that while I cherish my sweet Mother for her beautiful soul, her innocence and purity, I have been ignorant and unwise. All through the years, I have always thought “I know what is best for her!” “She needs to listen to me!” And when she didn’t listen, well I felt mad!!

And well, the are the lessons from the beautiful  woman that I was sometimes “mad” at…..

1) of the lessons was “Be nice to everyone, you never know who they are or what they are what they have been through.” What I see so clearly about that now, my Mom saw the face of God in people.  No matter what kind of people or how they treated others, she just saw they were suffering.

2) of the many lessons I remember were one time I said “mom I don’t have any friends” and my wise mom taught me the importance of Being a Friend first instead of looking for others to be there for you. She really taught through example first and words second.

3) My Mom is the picture of innocence and purity, she would deceive no one. She would always say that “on what a tangle web we weave…” She really taught me the wisdom of being truthful to yourself and others because you could really make your life a lot more complicated than it needed to be.

4) Oh and my Mom on the importance of who you hang around with….she always would remind me how you become who you are with the most so make sure this is  a way you want to be.

5) Oh and how “mad” I would get when she could ALWAYS see the character of people that I would be around. She would say, “you need to watch out for them, they are trouble.”

And now the mystery unravels, because you know what I know now? My mom has filled me with lessons and wisdom.  And You know what else, Mom is always right!

And finally this greatest lesson of all and I mean it is a HUGE one….when my brother first called me that they were trying to’ resuscitate my Mom after the first shock, well guess what? I felt kinda angry, why are you doing? I asked myself?

And you know what My Mother has clearly responded with the greatest Wisdom of all…

IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU!!! And it never was. My mom has left with me this living wisdom, that can set all people free. To respect one another’s journey in life, no matter whether you understand it or not. IT doesn’t matter. It is not up to us to decide. My Mom would have us all to free ourselves from the burden of judgement, grudges and resentment. To just love each other as we are and let it be.

I want to thank my Mother for the life she has given me and the legacy she has left for us all and most especially all of her children and grandchildren.

And well, My Mom Knew who she was and shared with me on several occasions that she was at peace with herself and her entire future, including  her afterlife. She loved us all very deeply and the passing of her sister, my Aunt Dot was very difficult as they were, best of friends. And now, my Mom travels with Aunt Dot. My Mother is an Angel and she was and Angel here on Earth and I only pray that I could show up even a tiny bit a Christ like as she is.

I Love You Mom…. I will see you later.❤

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  1. Thank you for putting your tender heart and profound lessons out there Padma, as we learn from them as well. Making everything about us is one of our biggest, most painful struggles I would say … these are incredibly wise, yet simple teachings that remind me of how complicated we make our lives.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your lovely, Angelica Mother.
    I thought of my Mother while reading your message… she too, was such a pure & innocent soul, Angel like, as well. If I could be 1/2 the Mother she was or 1/2 the Grandmother that my Grandmother was, I would feel like I really left a legacy to my children & grandchildren. I train with you, in earnest to be a better person for myself & for others. My Mother & Grandmother never had such Training…. they went to church, we’re sincere Christians & just naturally had excellent character & loved people & loved life, despite the challenges.
    Thank you for sharing, Padma. You did your Mama good! Sharing her beautiful soul with everyone. And she obviously fulfilled her Dharma, giving you life & guiding you through it.❤️ Love you, Kila

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