Padma Peace – Hurt is the Lesson Wisdom is the Blessing

Hurt is the Lesson; Wisdom is the Blessing

As human beings, we are a microcosm of the macrocosm of the universe. To live this life experience from that scientific and spiritual truth, we begin to realize the process of living is an encounter of the light and the dark, the sacred and profane, organization and chaos.

These apparent conflicts occur in the external reality, and most profoundly, in the inner world of individual psyches; without understanding they become darker experiences. 

It is important to realize that the darker moments of our inner lives, often referred to as the dark nights of the soul, are seen in some traditions, particularly Christian Mysticism, as necessary processes to spiritual growth and psychological evolution.

Marianne Williamson, in The Gift of Change, teaches that the crucifixion and the tomb experience were all vital to precede the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Marianne goes on to say that “crucifixions take us into the darkness of the soul, where we wrestle with the demons of shame and loathing,” whether internally directed or mass projections of the crowd during the crucifixion. She further teaches, “it is at this point we are asked to give up judgment and hate.”

Mother Nature teaches by example, she does not discern whether the dark or the light, sunshine or a hurricane, is good or bad. She simply gives what the earth needs and whatever needs to be washed away will meet with its demise.  For example, from an Eastern philosophical perspective, our infamous Hurricane Harvey’s effects would be seen as rajasic/tamasic (powerfully active and destructive). If we viewed the hurricane as a necessary component to the eco-balance, the effects may be seen as rajasic/tamasic with a sattvic (harmonious and balancing), necessary means toward a balanced result. 

Gregg Braden writes in Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, “hurt is the lesson, wisdom is the blessing”. So of these times of our lives where we feel the most uncertain, the most wrong, the most profoundly separate and alone, are they really a time we must learn to embrace? What if we truly changed our perspective, truly accepted the darkest times as part of the perfectly imperfect process toward resurrection, realization of the Self or lifting of the veil to know bliss, learning of the Truth? What if we took the sattvic approach to the dark night and ended any resistance towards this “crucifixion and tomb time,” viewing instead as a stripping away of prejudice, self- loathing, fear of failure and hurt? 

This would mean that we would become more active in our approach during these times, cultivating a sense of humility and acceptance, embracing doubt and fear, powerfully fueling determination to know what we need to know.  Total surrender of any fruits of action, cultivating an observer’s mind and being in the love of service empowers living in the flow of harmony toward synergy and love. 

What if you challenged yourself to live for a cause you  believe in and attempt to work and function in a way that facilitates your ability to see fear?  This will empower an opportunity to demonstrate fiercely and courageously moving through perceived failure and to develop into the Warrior of Light and the Sage you are meant to become.

Like Mother Theresa who, during her dark nights, instead of retreating from the world used this as the impetus to continue to love and serve, I, having suffered depression myself, personally believe that it is possible that the huge numbers of people feeling victimized by this syndrome could be served and even become more empowered by interpreting it, like the crucifixion, as a vital step toward resurrection and lifting the veil to know total bliss and love. 

My personal practice of loving MORE during my dark nights are what fuel my will to teach and offer whatever I can to serve.

The most awesome privilege of being a yoga teacher and leader of the Rasa Yoga community gives to me the moments to be like the alchemist transforming any darkness I experience into a light for others. For this, the kula of Rasa Yoga, and all other beings I encounter, give me the chance to offer the Light to them and show up as an incredible gift from God, one not to be taken lightly.

Love Infinitely, Padma Shakti

Special Dedication to the RY Leadership Circle; I love you.

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