Padma Peace – Dissolving Judgement; Beyond Prejudice and Separation

Dissolving Judgement; Beyond Prejudice and Separation

Emotions are the human technology to fuel the willpower in each of us. The experience of emotion, the by-product of thought is common to each of us. Rasa Yoga is the mastery of emotion, a human’s quintessential superpower and with proper development of our physical adeptness we are enabled to develop emotional intelligence, the most important step for human kind’s evolutionary progress.

There are as many different ways to deal with emotions as there are families that shape them.

From the use of suppression to becoming engulfed, immersed and often capsized by the power of emotion. Think of emotions as “energy in motion”. For every thought there are matching emotions or rasas. The word vasana describes something of a mix of emotion colored by a tendency of thought paired with actions or patterns of behavior.

The everyday processing of thought by the untrained mind yields a general lack of awareness of the quality of emotional tone. Such lack of awareness gives the emotions/rasas unbridled power over our lives. This engenders feelings of overwhelm, frustration and fear disturbing the autonomic fight or flight response generally leading to separation. Conversely, pristine clarity of ongoing feeling tone enables conscious direction of will power toward a beneficial, useful and creative experience that we can consciously channel. Such taking hold of our emotions is neither suppression nor indulgence in the emotion but rather a positive move toward shaping life from an empowered position.

It is the power of our emotions that create! This is the stuff that fuels our will and generates more energy than we can imagine! I am privileged and totally overjoyed to offer this advanced
technology of Rasa Yoga that is available to each and every one of us. Rasa Yoga teaches that our emotions are the gift that each of us is given so we can be a part of the
miraculous and the mystical. We are the creators, the builder of lives, of this world and

the work of learning to direct and channel the power of our will is the highest form of practice we can endeavor.

Rasa Yoga is the practice and theory of study to be mastered as the term Rasa is both an Ayurveda and Yogic term that means taste and flavor, plasma and the fundamental fluids that are the building blocks of the human body and emotion. Through the practice of Rasa Yoga and the mastery of physical intelligence, emotional intelligence and coherent thought the expected outcome will be one of realizing a life that thrives.

We can all aspire to live as a Rasika one that lives life passionately and as fully with as much depth as possible. A depth that can be found only through our relationships and connections with others that are filled with authenticity, love and support. We can say that one learns true intimacy, a connection that can only be found far beyond judgement. With that kind of connection we find the taste for prejudice and separation dissolve. Instead we desire the flavor of love, joy and most of all, Peace.
Love, Padma

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