The Essence of Higher Education

The Essence of Higher Education

Walking the Yoga path and choosing a yogic lifestyle is a courageous decision for the brave, those truly committed to learning how to live the best quality of life available!

Yoga is the science of physical health, the art of fearlessness and the philosophy for ethical character. Yoga coupled with Ayurveda, when  studied, practiced and practiced more, will offer the student tools to navigate a world that is, in most of its ways, foreign to our human and spiritual nature.

“If you want to learn a thing, read that; if you want to know a thing, write that; if you want to master a thing, teach that” -Yogi Bhajan. The quintessential path of Yoga is a dedication to the mastery of teaching yoga. Maybe not formally, possibly so, but we are all teachers whether we consciously choose to acknowledge it or not. The role of teaching and learning are not separate in the world of yoga, teacher and student run congruent. 

Teaching is a constant process and goes on every moment of the day, and to teach is to learn. In the light of this truth, the process of becoming a yoga teacher is a way of life where finding an effective  teacher is cornerstone and hopefully you will have the good karma of an edified yoga community that supports your progress.

Once you have a found a teacher, community and school to train, you buckle in to begin the adventure and take a look at what it is you want.

Ask of yourself the following questions; where do you see  yourself 3,5,10 or 80 years from now? What is important to you now, what are your values, your basis for decision making? Are you happy, do you feel healthy, whole and joyful? Reflect on your current level of physical, psychological and spiritual fitness; what changes need to occur and how committed are you to making changes? Have you given up, settled for or feel hopeless in any area of life? Are you aware of what you need? Do you believe it is possible to live total fitness in all of these areas? Spend time with a journal and silent reflection on these questions and then your next step is to show up for practice, classes, workshops, personal study, group study and a willingness to take responsibility for your current results by learning to accept fully, with mercy while holding the vision for your life.

Patanjali teaches in the Yoga sutras that faith and a strong will are absolutely necessary to transcend your current state of life if that is your desire. A high degree of earnestness yields a dedication to Yoga as priority with the insight that letting go of immediate pleasure will bear a blissful harvest in the future.

I hope this message is of some good use to you and I pray that  you discover for yourself the great joy that the Rasa Yoga  Tribe offers for your personal study and growth. Most notable are the exceptionally amazing people at Rasa Yoga that create the possibilities to learn in our corner of the World. To each and everyone  of you, my devotion and gratitude.

Love, Padma Shakti


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