I Am loving, as can be cruel
I Am intelligent, as can be dense
I Am open, as can be closed
I Am patient, as can be intolerant
I Am honest, as can be deceptive
I Am faith-filled, as can be doubtful
I Am brave, as can be cowardice
I Am here, as can be absent
I Am positive, as can be negative
I Am all of these things without resistance,

For herein lies the Truth of life;
Which is acceptance. -Padma Shakti
Namaste Rasikas,

I once had an astute therapist that asked me, “do you want to be right or happy?” My first thought was, “I want both, right and happy!” And now in hindsight I see clearly how this was quite possibly my first teaching in Tantra Yoga or even more on point, Rasa Yoga. 

The first task of my learning meant broadening my perspective from what I see as right and merely a limited opinion  from only  one world view formed by life’s experiences. My right isn’t necessarily your right. 

Next and even of greater value is that “right” is simply the opposite end of the same spectrum as “wrong” and the need to cling to “right” is simply a polarization or resistance of “wrong.”  So, in short, by clinging to one and attaching to the other, I actually strengthen both to the same fiery degree! Furthermore, the tension found in the conflict of the opposites will eventually need to explode somewhere and problem is, we can’t really be sure where or how and to whom. 

This lesson, once embraced, is not only that of a peacemaker but will also liberate one from the bondage felt through energy siphoned by an inner dialogue the does anything but engender joy and results in feeling totally paralyzed in the face of life’s emotional ups and downs! 

The lesson I am speaking of is acceptance, to learn to allow what life offers you. To allow people to be exactly where and how they are. Accepting the fact that life is constantly changing and what remains consistent within this truth is that you, me, the we, control nothing. Control is an illusion and I thank goodness that the mental health of human kind and the environmental health of the Great Mother Earth is not dependent upon me. There is nothing and no-one that my view or my opinion really needs to matter that much. 

This is great news for us all! We can be FREE from the primal brain activity of needing to judge. AND that also means for me, free from judging myself and being liberated from the “good” opinion of others.  

Some might be asking at this point, “where does that leave me when I am being treated poorly?” Or “what are we to do in that face of oppression or harm to another or an entire society?”

This concern is reasonable and completely on point. There is a process of forming a view regarding a relationship or situation that begins with higher brain function. However, this level of response requires that one have a degree of mastery over the nervous system. Let me explain: in the function of the Autonomic Nervous System, we experience two completely different types of responses based on whether we process information from our lower, crocodile brain or the higher cortices of the brain. Depending on our repeated pattern of being, the result is a tendency toward being highly creative and reconciliatory or ready to fight and flee. The higher brain function of creative is accessed by the capacity to pause when triggered and sustain a calm manner. This, then, empowers you to see beyond the pull of right and wrong and to develop a vision sustained by the ability to use the strength of rapport as fundamental to your worldview.  Seeing through a lens of cooperation and collaboration is when diversity actually becomes a point of cohesion due to the value realized by seeing from all angles.

While this is a simplified version of what happens physiologically, it describes for us where we can find the power to learn to live a beautifully flowing life of acceptance and enjoy the peace of allowing. Moreover, this IS where joy is found and ultimately the beauty of LOVE beyond personal love to universal love. Finding the joy of love beyond your behavior but love because when it really comes down to brass tacks…we are One, perfectly imperfect and we are One Love.  

Love, Padma

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